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Though the contexts of Jerusalem School and your school might be vastly different, perhaps our hope is the same: To open the world to our students; to help them engage with those who are different from them while instilling in them a sense of respect and appreciation for those who are “other” in their lives; to encourage students to take action on behalf of their peers; and ultimately, to help students make choices that will set them apart as today’s peace heroes – those who are working to better the lives of others wherever in the world they may be. The Curriculum and the values it espouses can help your school create a community that celebrates unity in diversity, a community that gives everyone the opportunity to share their own life-narrative in a welcoming and accepting environment.

We believe that implementing the Peace Heroes Curriculum can give your school the opportunity to become an engaged community in all kinds of exciting ways. This is because the peace heroes studied in the Curriculum cover such a broad range of issues and disciplines: They include people who are fighting for social justice, but also those who are working to alleviate poverty or better the environment; women and men who are musicians and artists, architects, scientists, healthcare workers – in other words, there are heroes from all walks of life! This extraordinary diversity has the potential to open the door to many different initiatives for your school community. In this respect, the Curriculum is truly interdisciplinary and can be made relevant to all areas of study – not just the social sciences. It’s only a matter of how creative you are willing to be!

If you are interested in beginning a conversation with us about the possibility of implementing our Peace Heroes Curriculum in your school, please use our Contact Us form to get in touch.