Pilot Program

The Global Community
We strongly believe that the Curriculum has the potential to impact students all over the world, which is why it has been written for a global student body. With this in mind, since 2016 we have expanded the Curriculum to more schools in Israel and Palestine, as well as schools in Kenya, South Africa, Burundi, and Northern Iraq/Kurdistan. 

The potential for what can happen through this endeavour is truly amazing! We are working to connect these schools so that students can interact together as they study the peace heroes. Building relationships with students from diverse backgrounds gives pilot participants the opportunity to live out in practice what they are learning in theory. By exposing students to important issues in other parts of the world, we hope to galvanize these school communities to take positive action on behalf of their peers. Such collaboration can create a global community with an incredible potential to impact the world for good while simultaneously breaking down the many walls that separate us one from the other.

The blog on this website documents the various pilot programs as they unfold and develop in the different schools. If you are interested in keeping up with this exciting venture, you are welcome to subscribe to our blog so that new post notifications will appear directly in your Inbox.